ARX with AddSecure Inside

Together with ASSA ABLOY, AddSecure offers the joint solution ARX with AddSecure Inside. A secure alarm and access solution with integrated certified alarm transmission and simplified alarm subscription management. Cost-effective, integrated and certified alarm transmission which is easy to handle and install.

What makes ARX with AddSecure Inside unique?

For a customer, “ARX with AddSecure Inside” means that you get a simplified and cost-effective alarm transmission solution, which is easy to use, manage and install. The solution is designed to simplify the installation process and the handling of several alarm subscriptions in large systems. With “ARX with AddSecure Inside” you can monitor all security systems and alarm subscriptions from one interface. A new, smarter way to work!

Benefits for the end-customer

  • Certified alarm transmission up to Grade 4 (EN 50136)
  • Reduced costs through new subscription forms
  • Reduced costs by erasing the need for separate alarm transmitter (installation, hardware, subsequent service)
  • Better control and overview of active and deactivated alarm subscriptions directly in ARX software
  • Increased security by connecting ARX alarm transmission directly to AddSecure

Benefits for installers

  • Easier and faster deployment by connecting ARX directly to AddSecure (no separate alarm transmitter is needed)
  • Easier, faster and safer management of subscription codes by exporting all current subscription data from AddSecure and importing directly into ARX
  • Better control through new test function which shows the status of the connection to AddSecure
  • Compatibility. An ARX system connects both old traditional alarm transmitters and the new direct connection to AddSecure